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October NDP Success for OLGA trampoline team


RESULTS – NDP1-7 GRADING – 09.10.16


NDP 1 7-8F                                           NDP1 7-8M

8th     Holly Kerslake-Smith                    1st     Freddie Warren

NDP1 9-10F                                          NDP1 9-10M

8th     Abi Gately-White                          1st     Edward Pearson

15th   Evie Cobb                                     4th     Sebastian Thomas

NDP1 11-12F                                                  NDP2 9-10F

1st     Keira-Jay Davis                             6th     Grace Walker

2nd     Sophia Gray                                  12th   Georgina Owen

20th   Alice Cowley                                13th   Emma Vincent

TEAM   OLGA 3rd                                TEAM   OLGA 2nd

NDP2 9-10M                                        NDP2 11-12F

1st     George Potter                                1st     Amy Darragh

NDP2 11-12M                                       4th     Amber Lovell

3rd     Charlie Cobb                                 9th     Jessica Playford

NDP3 9-10F                                         16th   Emma Papka

1st     Nicolle Lake                                  21st   Megan Johnson

NDP3 11-12F                                        TEAM   OLTA 1st

5th     Amy Illidge                                   NDP4 9-10F

NDP4 11-12F                                        4th     Freya Wicks

3rd     Madeline Warren                           NDP4 11-12M

NDP5 11-12F                                        1st     Max Jeavons

2nd     Anabel Edem                                NDP5 11-12M

NDP5 15+F                                           1st     Eddie Richardson

1st     Grace Gourlay                               NDP5 15+M

NDP6 13-14F                                        1st     Zak O’Connor

1st     Erin King                                     NDP6 17+F

2nd     Kira Holland

NDP7 13-14F                                        NDP7 15-16F

1st     Hope Burgess                                1st     Macy Fenwick

NDP7 17+F                                           DISABILITY REG 2M

3rd     Alice Taylor                                  1st     Thomas Ralli

DISABILITY REG 2F                        DISABILITY REG 3F

1st     Alexsandra Vallard                       3rd     Isabella Pereira


NDP1 DMT 9-10F                               NDP1 DMT 11-12F

1st     Freya Wicks                                  1st     Anabel Edem T1

3rd     Abi Gately-White                          4th     Jessica Playford T1

5th     Emma Vincent                              5th     Amber Lovell T1

6th     Georgina Owen                             7th     Keira-Jay Davis T2

TEAM   OLGA 1st                                8th     Olivia Kettlewell T2

NDP2 DMT 11-12F                            9th     Sophia Gray T1

2nd     Madeline Warren                           10th   MeganJohnson T2

3rd     Amy Illidge                                   TEAM   OLGA T1 1st

8th     Amy Darragh                                               OLGA T2 2nd                

TEAM   OLGA 2nd                                NDP3 DMT 11-12M

NDP2 DMT 13+F                                1st     Max Jeavons

3rd     Caitlin Bishop                               NDP4 DMT 13+F

4th     Alice Kettlewell                            1st     Caitlin Atkins

NDP5 DMT 15+F                                2nd     Erin King

1st     Mia Bailey                                     NDP5 DMT 15+M

NDP6 DMT 15-16F                             1st     Zak O’Connor

3rd     Grace Gourlay                               NDP6 DMT 17+F

NDP7 DMT 15-16F                             1st     Chloe Dunleavey

1st     Macy Fenwick                              3rd     Kira Holland


1st     Alice Taylor




TRAMPOLINE:-  Holly Kerslake-Smith, Freddie Warren, Edward Pearson, Sebastian Thomas, Abi Gately-White, Evie Cobb & Alice Cowley


DMT:-  Abi Gately-White, Emma Vincent, Anabel Edem, Olivia Kettlewell, Megan Johnson & Alice Kettlewell



ALSO A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO OUR JUDGES – Isobel Warren, Toni Graham & Helen Larcombe

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