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Scandinavian Open 2015

Scandinavian Open 2015

Thursday 2nd April the team heading to the Scandinavian Open in Haslev Denmark met at Rossmore at 11:45. That is apart from Lucy Ramsdale who was somewhat late. The coach was brand new and named Isobel as Izzy Warren was the first person to get on the coach. The journey to Gatwick was good and the gymnasts the were all in high spirits. Toni and Orla spent the plane ride giving Sharon an opportunity to invest in Robinsons squash and showed off their business plans. Sadly she chose not to invest. Once in Denmark we were met by the organising committee who very kindly took us to the hostel that we stayed in. The gymnasts still had far too much energy and played a spot of hide n seek before bed.
Friday came with a nice leisurely start before heading down to the hall for training. The organising committee had organised an extra training session exclusively for OLGA and we used the opportunity to try the beds out and get used to the hall. All training went well but with a couple of pre-competition nerves. After this we went back to the hostel with a stop in the supermarket to pick up lunch. Training in the evening was busy with all the rest of the teams present. The gymnasts from OLGA looked great with some of the best execution in the hall! Friday evening was early to bed ready for the competition next day which started at 7:45!!!!!!
First up on the competition day were the Under 12 Girls and Boys and Junior Girls and Boys. Laura Dominey started the competition off with fantastic form and qualified for the final in 2nd place. A fantastic achievement as Laura is only 10. Cameron Bennett and Lawrence Greaves jumped well and again qualified for the final in 2nd and 4th respectively with gymnasts from Italy splitting them. In the Junior girls Natalie Bailey jumped well and finished her flight in 4th and waited to see what was to come.
In the next flight of Junior Girls was Isobel Leigh Warren and Kirsty Way. Both produced some fantastic work in the compulsories to put them in good positions. Kirsty’s vol although a little travelley was good enough to qualify her for the final in 2nd behind a Danish gymnast. Sadly Isobel’s routine ended on skill 7 which put an end to her campaign. After a long wait it was confirmed that Natalie had done enough qualifying in 7th.
Next was the Under 14 Boys and Girls. Mandy Songhurst after shaky start demonstrated her competitive edge and qualified for the final in 3rd. In the Boys event Oliver Greaves and Daniel Noble showed great execution and despite being lower on difficulty qualified for the final in 3rd and 5th. By the end of the morning OLGA had 9 finalists.
The afternoon session saw the Under 16 Boys and Girls and the Senior Open competition. The Under 16 Girls showed fantastic poise and dominated the field. Orla Adams qualified in 1st, Lucy Ramsdale in 2nd and Toni-Jade Graham in 6th after some fantastic performances. Sadly Lucy Randall after leading the set with a score of 40.295 could not complete her vol and was scored out of 5 completed skills. In the Boys Arthur Blackwood and Bradley Hoyland relied on their execution to make a tough final again boys with high difficulties. This didn’t phase either and despite a few wobbles the both qualified for the finals in 5th and 6th with just 0.25 separating them. OLGA now had 14 through to the finals.
The final competition was Elliot Storey in the Senior Men. Elliot competed well but with a mistake at the end of his voluntary he had to wait to see if he had done enough to the the men’s final. Ina field dominated by the Danish and Swedish National teams Elliot did enough to qualify for the final in 6th.
Final tally OLGA 15 finalists out of 17 gymnasts.
The Finals.
The Under 12’s were first up. Laura showed no sign of nerves and competed well. She was one of the youngest in the competition and showed how promising her future should be by securing OLGA’s first medal with a BRONZE. In the boys Cameron and Lawrence both made a couple of mistakes Lawrence completing on 3 moves which secured him 8th place. Cameron competed a great routine but with a slip of concentration just at the end hitting the end desk on his outbounce he was clearly disappointed. However the quality of his work was enough to earn him a BRONZE medal despite 3.0 being taken off his score.
Next was the Under 14’s. Maddy Songhurst completed a solid routine showing her competitive spirit claiming OLGA’s 3rd BRONZE. The boys final was tough. Daniel Noble competed a fantastic routine and showed his developing confidence in competition finishing 5th. Oliver travelled in his final and claimed 6th spot just behind his team mate.
Next the Under 16 Finals. In the Boys Arthur had to repeat a skill dropping his difficultly by 0.6 and placing him in 7th. Bradley Hoyland worked hard in his vol maximising his time of flight to move up to 4th just 0.4 off a medal. In the girls Toni-Jade Graham competed a fantastic routine and was leading the competition with only Lucy Ramsdale and Orla Adams to go. Lucy produced a good vol to take the lead. Sadly Orla had a mistake him her final and completed 4 skills taking 8th spot. Lucy Ramsdale took OLGA’s first GOLD of the competiton and with Toni’s well deserved SILVER OLGA’s medal tally was now 5.
Next were the Junior finals. Natalie Bailey competed well finishing her 4 double routine and finished in a fantastic 4th place. Kirsty kept a cool head and showed she can keep tight, finishing her 11.9 difficulty in style taking the lead. It was down to the Danish to keep Kirsty from the gold, but Kirsty proved she had done enough taking the GOLD medal in the Junior girls category with Denmark in 2nd. Robin Hartey showed his class in the Junior Boys final completing a well executed vol. However this time a fantastic routine by the Danish denied Robin the Gold and he came away with SILVER.
The final chance for a medal was from Elliot Storey in the Open Senior Men’s. Elliot was determined not to make a mistake in this final and produced a good routine. Elliot move up 3 places in the final to take BRONZE, behind Sweden in Silver and Italy in Gold.
OLGA’s final medal tally stood;
The Banquet
To finish off the competition we were invited to a banquet by our hosts. The food and entertainment was fantastic and Laura Dominey certainly stole the show with her Dance moves. The Danish team from Haslev were great hosts and ensured they helped out in everyway they could. Partying over the team left in high spirits ready for the early morning and journey home.
On the whole this was a fantastic trip for OLGA and was a good benchmark for the upcoming spring event series. All gymnasts can take positives away and bits to perfect. The behaviour of all the gymnasts was exemplary and they were a credit to their club, parents and coaches. There was a clear team spirit and supported each other well.

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