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Spring Series 2 Results

OLGA TRA,DMT and TUM gymnasts competed at the last spring event of the series which is the last event to qualify to either NDP finals in July or British finals in September. Results Below.

(Q) – Achieved qualification to finals after 2 events.


9-10 Girls – 1st Freya Wicks (Q), 4th Tayla Gerrard (Q),

11-12 Boys – 4th Kester Wilson (Q)

15-16 Girls – 2nd Hope Burgess (Q)

17-18 Boys – 4th Oliver Greaves (Q)

17-18 Boys – 11th Daniel Noble


11-12 Boys – 13th Eddie Richardson (Q)

13-14 Boys – 5th George Corben (Q), 8th Cameron Bennett (Q), 11th Oliver Lavell (Q)

13-14 Girls – 1st Josie Spring (Q), 2nd Laura Dominey (Q), 6th Grace Owen (Q), 9th Maddi Tarrent (Q)

17-21 Boys – 6th Robin Hartey (Q), 7th Edward Weeden (Q)

Senior Mens – 1st Elliot Storey (Q)


9-10 Girls – 5th Tayla Gerrard (Q), 12th Freya Wicks (Q)

11-12 Boys – 9th Kester Wilson (Q)

11-12 Girls – 11th Nicolle Lake

13-14 Girls – 2nd Maddi Tarrent (Q), 16th Grace Owen (Q)

15-16 Girls – 4th Hope Burgess (Q), 8th Macy Fenwick (Q)


9-10 Boys – 12th Oli Evans (Q), 14th Charlie Tompkins (Q)

11-12 Boys – 3rd Harry Donnelly (Q)

17-21 Men – 18th Christopher Tierney

17-21 Women – 4th Sapphire Dallard (Q)

OLGA has Qualified 25 Gymnasts to The British Finals in September, and added 5 more to our NDP tally. Congratulations to everyone.








6 June 2018 | News | Comments Off on Spring Series 2 Results

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