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The BUGS competition 2016

Well done to all the gymnasts who competed at the BUGs competition in Bristol

Level 5 in ageimage

Chloe Hosking – 6th overall

– 3rd floor

Level 5 out of age

Maddox Burke – 2nd Overall

– 2nd Vault, Bars, Floor



Level 4 out of age 2006

Eve Mansell – 4th overallimage

– 1st floor, 3rd Bars

Sienna Renton – 6th overall

– 2nd Floor

Level 4 out of age 2005+

Amy Piper – 6th Overall

– 3rd Beam, Floor

Bethany Primmer – 4th Overall

– 1st Vault, Floor, 2nd Bars

Maddi Tarrant – 3rd Overall

– 2nd Vault



19 October 2016 | News | Comments Off on The BUGS competition 2016

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